Relaxing Beautiful Love Songs 70s 80s 90s Playlist – Greatest Hits Love Songs Ever
01. Exchange Of Hearts
02. Maybe This Time
03. When You Say Nothing At All
04. How Do You Heal a Broken Heart
05. For Just A Moment
06. Never Throught That I Could Love
07. Nothing Gonna My Love For You
08. Speak Softly Love
09. I Can’t Believe My Eyes
10. Please Don’t Stop Remembering
11. Leaving Yesterday Behind
12. This Is A Love Songs
13. Show Me The Way To Your Heart
14. Make You Feel Love
15. Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You 80s
16. What Do We Mean To Each Other
17. Said I Loved You But I Lied
18. I’ve Been Watting For You
19. The Way We Used To Be
20. If I Cry A Thousand Tears