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I’m sure many people were waiting for this Playlist, Here I leave a Playlist with the best selection of the 80s, 90s Post Punk, New wave, Synth Pop, New Romantic, Many of these songs are songs with a lot of feeling, Beautiful lyrics that you will make you feel the Magic of the 80s!

I want to send greetings to all my followers
and to all the people who supported me so that this channel can be heard in many countries, and And be able to contribute to the Post-Punk, New wave Scene around the world and help many bands.

This mix includes a wide variety of music styles.. The mix is intended to promote bands that are not widely famous; if you like the band, buy the original material.
Thank you for listening.

All rights are reserved by the artists.

P L A Y L I S T:
00:00:00 Angel O’callaghan — DE/VISION – Synchronize (Extended)
00:04:16 Keren Batok — ISOTROPÍA – But, Are You The King?
00:08:07 Panzerkater — Frozen Plasma – Phoenix
00:13:07 Cesar Rocha — Talk Talk – It’s My Life (12 Extended)
00:18:05 Irina DM — ►▲▲ Martin Gore – In a Manner of Speaking (Trandy Remix)►▲▲

00:22:26 Buzz Kull — Blue Monday (New Order Cover)

Febrer 5, 2020 license
all rights reserved

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